Are All Online Businesses Internet Marketing?

Have you ever thought that all online businesses are in fact Internet marketing? Or that the only way to make money online is by going into Internet marketing?In this article I am going to explain what it is and how it applies to any business.Whatever online business you start you will have a particular topic that you are interested in and that is likely to be the particular niche that you go into. There are many many different topics that you could choose for your online business and one of those topics is Internet marketing. Or in other words we could say that this topic is itself a niche.You see the topic of Internet marketing is learning all there is to know about marketing your website and business on the Internet. Basically learning to do online marketing as opposed to drumming up business off-line.Therefore when people think about an online business their first thought is to think about Internet marketing because you will be getting visibility to your business on the Internet! However that isn’t the only online business that you can go into because you can market various topics on the Internet.You could provide information products about a particular topic. You could produce software to be used for specific purposes. You could sell physical products. You could market various services such as dental or tutoring. In fact any business that exists off-line you can use the Internet and market it online.I think that because all businesses that market using the Internet need to learn Internet marketing to a certain degree, it can lead to people having the misconception that an online business has to be in that niche!So if you are thinking about having an online business there is a whole range of topics or niches that you can choose from. You don’t have to to create an online business in that particular niche.If you do a Google search for this term you will get a definition which reads something like this:”Internet marketing or online marketing refers to the advertising and marketing efforts that you use the Internet and also email to drive traffic and potential customers to a particular website what webpage.”When you understand exactly what Internet marketing is you begin to see why it is such a popular and competitive niche because everyone wanting to use the Internet to market their business needs to use skills and processes in this area.